I only work 4 hours tonight. I suspect it may be less. When I get home, I build armor to blast with 223. It will take multiple hits. I will show you….

I may just skip 5.56 Rifle and go to 308 Winchester.

I will need to test against 5.56 though.

But for now, it is easier to get a 308.

Plus the 223 is close enough for 5.56 role, and more precise.

The 308 is for potential need for more downrange energy, accuracy….

Plus, most likely, not for sure, but most likely, if the armor stops 308, it will stop 5.56.

There are possible exceptions.

The 5.56 testing must be done.

Better armor is needed.

And it don’t currently exist.

Not yet. Well it does but only in DARPA, and….

Armor people is defeatable in many ways and is lacking.

It can help. But honestly, a person equipped and trained properly can relatively easy make armor meaningless.

My work makes the overall product more effective. It does this in several ways.

The ultimate goal is complete coverage.

Shields offer flexibility in coverage. And appliqué armor as well. But nothing is 100%.

Sometime, especially once I get a 308 I will show you what Rifle hollow points can do.

They literally blow things to shreds.


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