You do know sheriff that SAD SOG operators of US wear masks right? They do this when they assassinate and overthrow governments. They do all these things here too.

They don’t always wear masks. They do at times though.

The one who posed as a cop st the fire station in Memphis, he didn’t wear a mask. He did have a disguise though, cop uniform.


It is a crazy messed up world Sheriff.

You read the transcript?

I ain’t looking for trouble sheriff.

I am just giving you a history lesson.

Oh and sheriff, odds are the “OSP” at Finicum assassination were SAD SOG, not real OSP.

You know Finicum was going to see the sheriff next County over right?

It cracks me up the whole use of “foreign” referring to neighboring counties….

You are a briar right.

You know the dialect use of the word right.


I ain’t of fab of masks either sheriff.

I am behaving.


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