I work 1645 until 0130 or so tonight. I should make decent Z money tonight. I put most of Z money I had on hand in bank today. I have at least a hundred to do the stock related posts I told you about. I am off tomorrow and it is supposed to rain. So I may set up an account and put $100 in it to start and we can see how it does.

I will probably use Scottrade. And I have “extra” money since I resumed gun spending freeze.

Although, now that I think about it, I most likely will buy into a mutual fund. That will be best way to go. It will diversify my money automatically and I will save fees. This will increase my bottom line.

I may do both though. But mutual fund first. If I find an undervalued stock I think may pop, then I will go Scottrade route.

I will most likely only use $100 to start.

My work income should be pretty good even though this is the “slow” time.

I have been getting more hours again. It slowed for a while but last three weeks trending up.

I get paid this week too, much of that will go in savings.

I ain’t rich. But I do OK.

I have a knack for stock market so I can probably grow the $100.

We shall see.

I will consider it my Christmas account. Let us see how much I can get it to grow by December 1 or so.

I will work out details tomorrow. But it most likely will go like this, $100 into a mutual fund to start and then weekly or bi-weekly contributions. We will look at total deposited versus end amount and see how I did.

It will like I said be my Christmas money.


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