What you gonna do if next time you send your thugs to assassinate an American, your targets don’t cower and expect justice to play out? What if say when Finicum was murdered, and he was, that the sheep shot back? You keep your animals at bay.

“There is a very distinct process or protocol that happens when there is an issue of national security. First, there is an attempt to discredit ones credibility. Second, there is harassment. And finally, if that does not work, termination or elimination. That is what happened to our loved one, because he challenged the establishment. He spoke out against the war in Vietnam. He talked about dealing with poverty, by taking poor people to Washington. There was also an interest in the political process. He became too powerful.”

Martin Luther King III – King Family Press Conference, Dec. 9, 1999:


You put your hands up.

These Americans mostly have no clue about what you Deep State bastards do and how you do it.

I do.

You use hit squads to waste people. You disguise them as law enforcement many times.

You did it to MLK and to Finicum and many others.



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