I this many ( 3 fingers up). Add one says the mom. I this many (four fingers up). – kind of stuff I hear at work

Usually I hear sweeet and or funny stuff at work.

Sometimes there are grouches.

But not typically.

My job literally is a series of trips.


Hello there.

Stuff like that.

I meet a lot of dogs. USAns love dogs.

I typically say hi dog.

A black guy’s dog came to door and I said hi dog. He just laughed.

I did then too. I realized why he probably laughed.

Seriously, almost everywhere I go there are dogs.

One lady said this dog likes everybody. I have only ever seen two people that this dog don’t like.

I remember walking away feeling very normal and glad.

I woke a dude sleeping in his recliner. He was not one who called to order.

He was chill though. But it is something that surprised him.

I must always be at my best on my job.

Never assume….

I must accurately assess environment everywhere I roam.


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