Investing Account set up. I used Scottrade. I started TD Ameritrade but they require I jump through hoops. I ain’t bothering.

I have been not funded account yet. I will relatively soon.

I have set up EFT and now must wait for their security protocols to act and then I respond, good to go in a few days….

This is gonna be fun.

I ever show you the trophy I got in gifted class in stock market challenge?

I could. I still have it.

I am not offering investment advice.

I am showing some things I can do, take risks.

Percentages apply, lots more.

Various monetary percentages can be applied at various levels of risk….

In my investments now I am ultra aggressive, way more than most.

Now, again, it is percentages.

To me the percentage of money I put in here I could put in savings. But why? I have made about 7 cents since opening my savings account.

I can beat that in market.

Is it risky? Yes.

But when your savings get a tenth of a point and inflation jumps at least 3 points, you lose.


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