After yesterday, it is apparent I must buy an AR platform. It looks like the Savage platform will be what I choose. It is the Wylde chambering and the accuracy is immense. I can afford it.

Honestly, here I don’t think I will need it. People here on either side seem sane.

But just in case. Plus, and more concerning, is outsiders have been coming here.

I tried to avoid buying an AR. But not doing so is foolish.

Honestly, I could do well with merely a single shot. And yesterday, would have been no exception.

But if attacker had been in a team or used different tactics, an AR would have been required.

I still may avoid buying an AR. I honestly don’t want one.

And also after yesterday, handguns are really a total waste of my time.

Rifles are the way to go.

I am thinking.

Pistols are easier to conceal and that is a probable requirement. Why?

Because if I had been there yesterday, trying to kill perp, police may have shot me too.

So that makes AR impractical too really.

Answer: tyranny

Answer: folding single shot 22 rifle?

For me and my situation and likely “missions,” the AR is more cumbersome than good.

So, for now, no AR.

I need concealed, long gun for accuracy and survival.

Cops are just as likely to shoot me as any perp.

Welcome to the real world of “civilian” response.

Pistols would offer me more if not for the tyranny surrounding them.

Truth is, guns are problematic for civilians, period.


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