Can you face him? You may not have as much of a choice as you think? Could I face him? This is where you must start. You must face this piece of work.

I heard Congressman yell to others with guns, who were only there because Scalise was some honcho.

Anyway, the unarmed Congressmen said, “Shoot him. Blow his brains out!”

With what?!

See you were “lucky.”

If those two cops were not there it would have been you with no Pulse.

Or San Bernardino.

Welcome to our world.

You took our guns.

The SOB who shot you was not allowed to have guns. He had at least two.

How many you have?

I might as well not have any either really.

The people who follow the law get slaughtered.

Yesterday the people who write it, who subject us to it, got a taste of what they have done.


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