I got to get in work mindset. It is a crazy world. At work, more than at home, I must act like it makes sense to participate in society.

It is a crap shoot.

You all are this society.

And me too, when I venture out.

I know most of you feel like I do just are quiet.

It is funny to me when I am in society.

It really is.

I will be chill.

Y’all be as safe as possible.

I plan to.

But wait?

You don’t all feel like I do.


Truth is some of you applaud the perp who shot at Republicans.

Hence, the crap shoot.

And I have no security detail.

I do what I can.

I try to avoid all of it.

But I must leave home to work.

It is truly insane.

I am not insane, the world is.

It is crazy to leave home though.

I was “grouchy” yesterday. It was because of the ball park shootings….

It makes me angry, all of it, especially the having to have my hands tied bull shit.

I felt bad for victims but mostly I was pissed off that these damn laws screw us all!


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