Beautiful Break Barrel Collection

It is amazing how tactical the break barrel truly is.

Most won’t see it, and or deny it.

But I am here to tell you that Break barrels are beautiful.

They won’t let us load them anyway. I train for my mission. Tyranny makes it even more dangerous. So I adapt. And missing is not acceptable.

Life isn’t easy on the singular side. But what ya gonna do?


Forces you to focus. Saves ammo. Much more.

Of course there are downsides.

But not as many as you may think.

One shot is and is not all you have anyway you slice it.

This is merely an example.

It is merely that.

It ain’t really tactical?

In the bigger picture of move, shoot and communicate, it really is most of time.

It is as all guns are, “mission dependent.” And even that term is inexact. We must use what we are dealt….


The Chiappa Lil Badger, affectionately called Lil Bastard, will be in collection soon.


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