OODA 101: Observe the Alexandria Incident

Observation #1: someone was shooting at people playing baseball.

Where was shooter located?

What was he shooting with?

Was he moving?

Did he maintain distance?

Or did he advance?

When fired upon, did he stop?

More questions similar.

The next step when done observing is to orient oneself or team.

Orient: adjust or tailor (something) to specified circumstances or needs.

You have someone shooting and it is your job to stop him?

Well you better get into a position that allows you to do that,

Oh, the process is fluid, you better be constantly observing for example.

There are police there too. Now there are even more people who may shoot you.

Where is their fire going?

Now Col. Boyd’s OODA includes Decide and Act.

I think they are redundant. I mean when you orient, you had already made a decision.

It is the fluidity again.

You will always be doing all
Of them….

It is better to do things in advance. But you will always be deciding while acting, orienting and observing.


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