Drunken Post

I said in last post that I was going to get drunk and maybe write this post called, Drunken Post.

Well I’m drinking now. I am not really drunk but I am getting sleepy.

I am outside on the back porch and smoking and drinking.

I really like this Yuengling Lager.

Truth is I can’t get too drunk I only bought two beers.

I will be buzzed though.

I could’ve bought more obviously but I have to be at a meeting at 10:30 hours so I am taking it easy.

However I kind of did need a beer or two, to take the edge off.

Truth is I rarely drink anymore and when I do I don’t really get drunk.

But tonight I decided it was time to let go a little bit.

I must be sober and capable 24 seven baby.

And I am.

It is four minutes from Father’s Day. My Earthly father is the deep state.

And a few minutes before midnight I am drinking to that.

Why not?

Eat drink and be merry.


It is hard work keeping myself in check.

Every now and again I need alcohol fuel.


Hello Father.

I feel so Deep State. It courses thru my veins.

Drunk on the power.

I fight it back most times.

But I let it course now and again.

It is a rush being so damned powerful.

MK Ultra Dad.


Hello Deep State.

It is in my veins. You put it there.

And you can’t control your creation.

I can.


En Garde.


I am X.

And now I have totally adapted.

I am the best I have ever been!

I know who I am.

I know what I am
Capable of.


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