Investing account is up and ready to be funded. I obviously can’t buy anything until market opens. I have not funded account yet. I will when I decide on amount to start with and which mutual fund(s) and or stock(s) I want.

Pick well. Don’t act in a purchasing and selling manner such that fees undo you.

Each trade typically costs money.

So plan well and expect to hold what you buy. So pick well.

And don’t buy mutual funds that have same basic holdings.

There are lots of things to know about “managing” investments.

Know your risk tolerance going in!

Don’t buy risk if you plan to sell with every dip. Choose well!

The typical working stuff like me should invest in mutual funds. They diversify your money.

You most likely don’t have enough cash to justify a stock by stock portfolio.

It doesn’t mean you should not buy individual stocks. It does mean you cannot have it your primary plan.

I tend to look for one potential “homerun” stock and perhaps invest a “tad” of money in it.

But honestly, rarely.

To reduce my fees in this endeavor, I am going to fund account up to $500.00, buy a mutual fund and hold.

It will serve to limit my transaction fees by making
One buy and eventually one sell fee.


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