I pick Cameroon over Chile today. I know….


But watch?

Much of the time I make picks I know are wrong on purpose.

Only I know when that is.

This one I guarantee.

I feel it.

Very rare times, I am actually really wrong.

I don’t see me wrong today.


Soccer is a good game. I love how opponents stand side by side before game, yak sometimes, and then go get it on.

Cameroon and Chile were both chill.

International soccer is my favorite.

It is like world peace….


Soccer fans are in need of the chill at times, players too.

But mostly good sports.

Looks like I got it wrong.

Cameroon played OK. But they need to grow a tad more offensively.

Chile, is really good.

Few outside of Cameroon would have picked them.

Cameroon needs to work on their offense mostly.

Their dribbling and passing.

Chile scored two in last 9 minutes.

Cameroon will be better soon. Even though they gave up two goals in second half, in many ways Cameroon played better in second period.

They maintained possession better.


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