Muslims targeted by white attacker(s) in London vehicle attack. People appear to be freaking out because attack has not been called terrorism. Does it really matter? I mean I have said this before. It is violence. At its root, that is all it is. Calling it terrorism serves to glorify it. It is not glorious. It is violence. And all the “shades” are capable of it, none less than the other. It is as it always has been, ridiculously evil. I have learned, and it took time, that all us shades can be total bastards. It is our duty to check ourselves.

MY philosophy has changed and evolved over time to what I have been preaching for last few years, self defense.

It can work against any shady attack.

I don’t care what shade you are.

I really don’t.

I only care that you don’t attack me. Then I will be forced to kick your ass. And it won’t matter who or what you are to me either.


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