Not happy. The rescheduled work meeting which I was not informed was rescheduled lasted two hours, not 45 minutes and I missed my radio show and MK interview of Alex Jones. This was a scheduled day off. Now I will get over it. I can catch podcast of radio show and hopefully a re-airing of MK/Alex Jones. But honestly, I had little to no business being there. It was to focus on people who were being wrote up. I have not been wrote up. I ain’t perfect so I listened etc. But dang! I wanted to catch those shows.

I am tired of being penalized generally for other people’s bull shit.

It ain’t just in work, but generally.

If I mess up, then that is different.

So people get your shit together.

I got my shit together.

I got a good right to be pissed too.

I was one of only three people who showed up on time for that 1030 meeting! It was rescheduled because the people who were more in need of it than me had not their shit together!

And once again, I had to pay for their bull shit!

I didn’t want to arrive at 1030 for the meeting either. But I did. It is called work, responsibility, accountability etc.

I sure as hell did not want to have to re-plan my whole day to return at 6pm.

I am not perfect at my job, or anything.

I ain’t.

But I give it my best shot, like it or not.

I am not the best worker there.

But I guarantee you I put in more effort than the rest save for one or two others.

Look, I like my job. All jobs come with some degrees of pain in the ass. That is why it is called work.

I listened at meeting even though I wanted to get the hell out.

I picked up things I can improve on.

I just hope the others did too!


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