POTUS Syrian policy is endangering all of us. He said as candidate Trump he was not going to intervene in Syria. He lied. Now he is listening to Hawks and endangering us. And General Mattis is a big disappointment also. Boo!

I should have known better than to believe the hype on this General Mattis.

And God forbid a president keep his word.

Let Syria and Russia hammer ISIS.

Thank them. Don’t hinder them.

I will not support our leaders should they start a conflict with Russia over Syria.

All I can say is if it starts, Russia stay the hell out of Butler County, OH and any other area I have kin.

I mean it. I don’t support starting Shit with Russia over Syria.

I will not defend anything but my area if our leaders start it.

I am tired of these damn fools.

You freaking fools start a war with Russia and you are on your own.

You say you value American lives.

Well I don’t believe you.


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