Watching video of yet another shooting. And man what a clusterfuck it was. A man was assaulted by several others. He then “broke away” and opened fire. He was then engaged by what I am told is a security officer who also was struck. It does appear shooter had other options short of gunfire. Hard to say for sure though as camera was not always on actors.

Don’t start fights! – John Johnston, Ballistic Radio

Know when you can and should legally use a firearm. – Claude Werner

Have proper mindset. – William Aprill

Study these three like I told you.

Avoid conflict!

You can’t control it or predict its outcome. It has a life of its own!

And it might take your life or that of someone you love.

All of this shit was avoidable!

Ok I just watched it again. The shooter was not justified in firing when he did. I repeat, he was not justified in opening fire when he did.

He was attacked. But the attack was over or at least paused. Shooter should not have fired when he did.

The whole thing was avoidable.

The people who attacked man initially are also culpable.

One obvious lesson from this is that if attacked, don’t let anger take over your head. This shooter fired back in anger when Assault was over and when caught will be tried and most likely convicted of some form of assault or homicide. Hopefully injured live.

It is like I have told you, don’t default to guns.

The attackers used fists etc. they had no weapons and the attack had stopped.

If shooter had kept his head, he would have been fine. Now he will be in prison.

And security officer, you got shot too. I hope you live. I hope you mend well. Living does not mean everything is OK people. Bullets tear shit up.

But anyway officer, did anyone ever tell you to slow down?

I mean you did not start this shit.

You fired back fast. You didn’t put shooter down. He then shot you.

I say don’t reveal yourself until you have proper geometry to take a shooter out if you are not directly under fire at time.

Literally measure it!

You didn’t start it. Your job duty is to live and win.


Here is a still from video after first shot in this incident. The security officer is in black, weapon drawn and in Fire position and officer is not oriented toward shooter. This may have been a fatal error.

I suspect he responded to fight with weapon already drawn. Regardless he was showing gun without knowing where shooter was and then shooter shot officer.

Security officer in black. Shooter in white shirt. Officer is not oriented to shooter. Shooter is oriented to officer. Officer loses.


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