I ain’t a baker. Personally, I would make a cake for a gay wedding. That is irrelevant though. The point is you can’t make me do it! I can refuse service to anyone I want. I wouldn’t except to assholes.

I am not a huge fan of many in the Rainbow.

I for example don’t buy into the whole more than two genders deal.

I think you are what you are born as.

I won’t stop someone from altering their body. I think it is insane. But it is their body.

I know I would not ever do it.

And I don’t appreciate the whole militant gay scene either.

But your everyday gay who just leads their life and don’t try to run mine I am fine with.

I am not a fan of those who target gays either!

They are people too.

I know that.

And I don’t go around making fun of them even if they do things I would not.

As long as they leave others be, I don’t care what they do.

It is their life.

And shit like Pulse?

I was sickened by that.

The gays were horribly targeted.

I was as mad about that as any of the senseless slaughters.

The person I gave my old car to?


They are gay. So what?


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