Officer Yanez, what is more dangerous to a child’s welfare? Marijuana? Or a Stupid cop like you enforcing tyrannical gun/other laws?

You are Yanez. You and your boss, the judges and the politicians are.

You killed a man.

You killed a man while breaking second amendment.

If you would have left Castile and his family be, you would not have killed him.

But you had to start shit.

You are so full of yourself.

You are not alone.

You and your boss and the judges and the politician are all guilty of murder many times over.


That is on you too.

Don’t ever ask me if I have a gun.

Any of you.

It is none of your damn business.

The simple truth is that whoever wrote these laws and Officer Yanez started all this.

This includes people like Senator Franken.

You started it while breaking law.

And in my opinion, you never returned to innocence.

Your ass and that of your boss and politicians should be in jail.


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