They would have been retired or close by now. Newhall Incident


What do I care?

I never knew them.

I know parts of their stories.

The worst parts.

It was all so senseless.

They were young pups against mad dogs.

All hell bent on being cops.

And the men who killed them?


They were 23 and 24 years old when they died.

Reading, hearing about this incident changed me.

It made me have more empathy for cops.

They are some damn Foos.

But they mean well usually.


They were not ready for what came their way.

They were not.

No law would have saved them.

Criminals don’t obey laws.

It is sad that police are still being wasted at traffic stops etc.

No law will change that.

It does not make me any less mad that cops deny me my guns though.

It makes me pissed too that I might have to waste them should they ever try to take mine.

You have no right to take my gun cop.

Get that through your damn head!

And Scalise, get your ass up and run.

Mo Brooks, fuck your guns for Congress bull shit too.

Fuck your CHLs. Fuck your gun free zones.

Your life ain’t worth more than anyone else’s.


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