Comply with the Constitution. It says we have right to bear arms. If we have arms, Concealed or Not, it is our right. Any order contrary to that is unlawful. Do not try to take our guns or our lives. If you point a gun at us while attempting to disarm us, you are not in compliance with law. We are not obligated to comply. We do not have to go to court. We do not have to let you kill us. If you do kill us, it is you who are breaking the law. Our kin can hunt you down, and deal with you accordingly. I don’t want to hear about soldiers. I don’t want to hear about the rule of law. You are not in compliance with it to begin with.

Do not ever do this to me or my kin.


Because if you do, it will be considered an act of war.

We are allowed to bear arms.


This man tried to surrender.

That was his choice.

It was the wrong choice.

It was the wrong choice for him and the nation.

The cops in this video are murderers.

Do not tell me about any rule of law.

This is tyranny.

This man was peacefully protesting the illegal actions of the federal government.

The constitution allows us to bear arms to protect ourselves from illegal government actions.

Aside from all this, the constitution allows us to have arms for protection generally.

There are Americans being slaughtered because government which includes police, have disarmed them.

This is illegal.

You comply with the law!

We now have Congressman Mo Brooks saying that Congress should have arms. He places Congressmen above others.

This is incorrect!

Congressmen do have the right to bear arms. We all do!

I am not claiming the right to waste any cop.

I am claiming the right to protect myself.

If I point a gun at you cop, shoot me.

Don’t point a gun at me otherwise.

I am not saying I have the right to be irresponsible. Neither do you.

People are saying the Yanez/Castile incident is racism.

It is not.

It is tyranny.

You forced him to reveal he had a gun. Cop heard gun, and he shot Castile.

Truth is that it was none of Yanez’s damn business whether or. not Castile was armed!

If the subject had not come up, Castile would be alive today!

Yanez broke the law!

Cops nationwide do it everyday.

It must stop!

And there are instances like Pulse.

99 people shot because of tyranny.

In opening of this video, Dude asks, “What the fuck is going on?”

Answer: Tyranny

Now. Now. The Congressman wants a

Well no Shit!

We already have laws making it illegal to murder police.

We have laws making it illegal to murder period.

They don’t really work.

I feel for this cop.

But no law saved him.

This is not something I would ever do.

Some will regardless.

No law will change that.

Have I not acted to tell police to arm themselves with rifles? I have.

Have I not told people to not target police? I have.

I don’t want police murdered.

I want my second amendment rights.


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