No medal for officers who responded to attack on Congress, and absolutely no concern for Congressional welfare generally until ranchers freed.

I have thought about it.

I am not worried about what may happen to these Congressmen.

They don’t give a damn about us.

And we have ranchers in jail who should not be.

It is time to not worry if politicians are wasted unless they are actually on the side of us citizens.

I cared because they are human, allegedly.

But not only did Feds waste Finicum.

They persecuted and jailed his mates.

So I am no longer concerned about the fate of Congress, judges or even the president.

I am not telling you to waste them.

I just won’t do a thing to prevent it.

Should any further attacks occur, I won’t say or do a thing.

This will be hard for me. It is my nature to want to help.

But it is time to let them fend for themselves and reap what they sow.

I will say one more time that I don’t support wasting them.

That is the last time though unless ranchers are freed.

Besides, Congress is already moving to arm themselves. So let them have at it themselves.

And POTUS has armed guards and his government gun card.


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