All terrorists are fiction.
They are more aptly referred to as criminals.

Today, a criminal took a rifle to a hospital.

He shot like 7 people killed at least one.

I don’t know what his problem was.

But according to Mayor, hey at least it was not terrorism.

Know what Mayor said?

He was relieved it was not terrorism.

Nobody there was afraid of anything.

There was no terror.

There is only terror when news says there is, and that is regulated by government.

And Wolfgar, he dies eventually.

But he was just the contractor.

There are terrorists but they really are all fictional.

You ever see a ghost?

Dude was apparently a doctor.

A NY doctor.

A NY hospital.

I saw one Dude make it a joke.

They were rushed to hospital….

They were already there is how it ends.

The medics were held back.

Little known fact, in Ohio even if you are a nurse you must first be an EMT to become a paramedic.

And every SWAT team especially in NYC should have tactical medics.

It ain’t funny.

It is terrorizing to most sane people.

Dr.? Wolfgar? What’s the difference?


There are some who can neutralize the threat.

They are not typically terrorized.

It is just their job.


I am gonna let you in on the secret.

It is your job.

Good luck.


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