Sheriff Nelson, hypothetically speaking, say HRT blocked your road with a blind road block and put two 308 rounds through your roof, would you let that go? How about if they shot you through your heart? Would you call that justified? Of course not, you would be dead.

You are an asshole.

Look at this ass hole.

I am putting his picture in here because you need to know if this ass hole is anywhere in your vicinity.

You are a dangerous man sheriff. And how anyone in your county could possibly trust you is beyond me.

I am so glad you are not our sheriff.

Letting them in, Feds and State Police was bad enough. But exonerating them? Horrible.

It pretty much verifies that you are not a good man.

The following is bull shit! Truth is Finicum didn’t have a gun. And if he had he would have been fully justified in wasting any cop that was there. Period. End of story.

Oregon’s U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams was adamant that the FBI agent’s indictment hasn’t tainted the state troopers’ decision to shot Finicum.

“Special Agent Astarita’s alleged actions that led to this investigation and indictment do not, in any way, call into question the findings” of Deschutes County investigators into the Oregon State Police officers’ use of deadly force, Williams said. “OSP’s actions were justified and necessary in protecting officer safety.”


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