It has been awhile since I wrote overtly as Gunfucius. I really always do. But sometimes I emphasize it more. It is about studying people and things you may not agree with in an attempt to garner more wisdom…. I am going to show you a quality video and tell you I don’t agree with all of it. But I am studying it. And what I don’t agree with I may change my mind.

I DO agree with the DON’T GET COCKY PART…. I do agree with most of Video.  And honestly I feel that revolvers are out classed by semi-autos. However the Double Action/Single action trigger aspects transfer and are very important.

I probably will never own a revolver for primary option. But studying DA/SA trigger is Important. For me, this revolver study applies a lot to my Beretta 21A since it has no decocker, has a hammer and is DA/SA. It also applies to my Ruger 95PR that though it has a decocker still is DA/SA.

Also this fellow and the early era police he mention did not account for proper trigger discipline….

Also, to manipulate a DAO (double action only) and hit a distant target takes a lot more practice than SA. Both require practice. But if I have to make  long shot under pressure, I prefer SA.

Manually decocking a firearm is dangerous though an especially so if amped up.

Muzzle discipline is imperative too.

DA/SA semi-autos are my preferred.  I prefer them over SAO an DAO.

I prefer a DA/SA with decocker. Even with a decocker muzzle discipline is imperative. If mechanism work incorrectly a round can fire.


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