The Recent Doctor Who Killed: Think Minority Report But Don’t Get Carried Away

Shrinks will tell you and more importantly police who they think will murder etc.

They cannot truly predict in each instance.

It is pseudo-science. And often times, shrinks program Killers.

They do it to soldiers, some more than others.

They do it to police.

They do it to criminals.

They do it to children.

They do it to whoever they want.

The things I tell you about MK Ultra are all true.


Now I am going to tell you something else.

I am going to give you evidence that authorities knew doctor was
a real threat.

They knew. They did not exactly nothing though.

I guarantee you that.

The Post reported that Bello resigned from Bronx-Lebanon in 2015 amid a sexual harassment scandal and vowed to return and kill a coworker.

There is more, classic earmarks of a person used by military industrial complex.

He was charged with serious crimes of a predatory nature. The most serious of which were either dismissed or sealed.

He was under psychological “treatment.”

They not only knew about him. They used him in their “research.”


As I review the reports and pictures, I find other things too.

The reports and the pictures don’t jive.

That could mean that something else transpired somewhat different than we are told.

I will show you one example, but there are several.

And there is one “security” issue that definitely jumps out at me. He is said to have had his ID badge. That is significant. Typical protocol in a situation such as his is that he would have been required to surrender all his IDs.

Related, people primarily security should have known of him and to not let him in….

But here is what I want you to see.

Where is the head wound? Look where blood is. It is not around his head.


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