I may get a 4 tattoo on my forehead. I may not.

4 it? Or against it?

4 sure I am glad there is air conditioning. I am all 4 that.

4 sure. 4tunately I have access to it.

4 updates, check back to this post.

All 4 1 and 1 4 all.

4 quite some time now events have been 4shadowing the future.

4 me it is old news. 4 you I can’t say 4 sure.

People 4get.

Fame and 4tune await.

4get about it.


I feel 4 ya.

I am not considering any run 4 office.

4 a while a few years back I considered it 4 a “minute.”

But I am not up 4 playing those games.

People assume I am a Republican. It cracks me up. I am no Democrat that is 4 sure.

I get emails from most of the top R deals and persons, a lot.

But I am not truly a Republican. I may have been once upon a time.

But not now.

I don’t fit in any of the parties.

I do tend to vote R though, that is true.

But I don’t support much of their shit and that is what it is, shit.


4 me?


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