How many of you know of an USAn named, Larken Rose? Not Axl, Larken.

Here is some of they type of stuff he says.

Tomorrow [today] we commemorate a bunch of cop-killers, lawless traitors, and armed rebels telling the government to go fuck itself

Do you agree with his assessment of the revolutionaries?

I mostly do. I would not call them lawless though. They just had less and different laws in mind.

They were to a degree cop-killers.

They did tell government to fuck itself.

They were armed. They did rebel.

Problem is, none of it worked.

See, the struggle never ended.

I don’t want to kill anybody.

I do want my guns though.

If I choose to, I will carry them.

That is pretty much what founders did.

When redcoats (cops) called them on it, the founders resisted and often times had to kill the redcoats (cops).

We live in our founders’ world before “freedom.” We live there right now.

So I celebrate nothing, nothing to celebrate.

Founders may have been shot by Officer Yanez too. But it would have been different. Different in that they would have been fighting back at the time.

Or, they may have not complied with the law (lawbreakers as Rose stated) and not revealed they had a gun like Castile did. Although since there was marijuana involved it would have been revealed by the inevitable search.

The conflict today is almost unavoidable.

I try to avoid it.

So far, so good.

I don’t get caught up in revolutions. They don’t really work.

If I break the law, I don’t shout it to the world.

If I have a gun concealed, ain’t nobodies business but mine.

Any cop trying to take it is the one breaking the law. But society won’t see it that way mostly. They are enslaved. Ballistic Radio guy is enslaved too.

For what it is worth, I like Ballistic Radio guy up until the point he sides with police on gun laws.

It is what it is.

I am not singling him out, the whole NRA is like that.

I ain’t in NRA.

Truth is, I very well may have shot officer Yanez. I would have tried to avoid it.

But if his dumb ass fucks with me, what choices would I have?

It is the same for any cop.

I tell you not to randomly target cops, and I mean it.

I don’t want bloodshed.

I want my freedom and I want my guns.

It ain’t lost on me I
May die.

I don’t wave the flag. Waving the flag is ridiculous.

I tell you pretty much every day that you don’t understand founders and you don’t.

It cracks me up when NRA idiots espouse the Declaration of Independence. They don’t understand it in the least.

BR guy did it again today. He don’t understand it at all either.

He has a CHL.

Founders would laugh at his ass.

Me? I am a little more

A little.

My message to NRA and police is this, founders would have shot your asses.

Tell yourself all you want that you are like them. You ain’t.

You are the redcoats.

Have a nice 4.


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