Marx was a schemer. He knew exactly what he was doing. Socialism, communism, are really the same thing, progressive centralization of control. It is the scam of the old ones continued. They dress it up as academia, philosophy, science etc. It is all the same bull shit. What Jefferson tried to do was tame the Jungle. That can’t really be done.

It is all anarchy.

Anarchy does not have to include violence. In fact, real anarchy has little to no violence. Govern yourself.

A witch told me once they thought I was an old one.

I was younger then.

The witch eventually went to dark side.

They came to me for help.

Nothing I could do for them.

See, thing is I only truly rule me.

I can make you dance if I really want to.

I can make you run, hide and even die.

I won’t though unless you attack me.


I just heard an interesting argument on Ground Zero pertaining to The pledge of allegiance, socialism, Nazis, and communists.

People are taught that socialism, and communism are different. I don’t tend to think so.

Marx listed socialism as a necessary step toward communism. And communists removed God. Well the US “socialist” who wrote the pledge left God out. Eisenhower added God.

And Hitler? He eventually removed God from his “message” Too.

Canada was mentioned as an example of non-gulag socialism.

Well Canada just jailed an American for speech.

All of these isms are about control, pretty much.

They are all progressive except true capitalist systems.

The individual is removed and the state reigns.

Now capitalism is said to be different. It is not completely.

It too is about control. But market rules.

It is the most “fair” of the isms.

But all are flawed.


US of J


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