Warren County Deputy checked to see if I was OK this morning. Thanks Deputy. It was NBD on my end. But it was noticed and appreciated. Thanks Deputy. I alright.

I had my hazards on…. I only did it because busy road in dark trying to find a destination. I knew I was close and didn’t want to get rear ended….

I found destination and turned in. Deputy stopped and I let him know why I was there etc…. He figured out the rest.

I guess it could have been a she, but typically deputies are male.

I made a decent amount of Z money tonight too, bonus.

I don’t know if male or female because I could not see Deputy. I only saw markings on car. Deputy didn’t say anything, didn’t light up or spotlight me.

That is why I know they were just checking to see if I was alright.

Did not hassle me in least. Just wanted to make sure I was OK.


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