Who besides Jerry Miculek can tell me how to decrease the muzzle rise on this person’s shot? Hint it has to do with their grip. I won’t tell you who the shooter is. They are good. But they could be better.

I am currently studying Rob Leatham’s grip, just started. Initial indication appears he does same “fix” as Miculek.

I review video of me and others to get better!

I just watched Leatham again. He does not do what Miculek does. He does other things more to reduce muzzle rise. Those things include a forward lean, which would also help above shooter.

But what would help that shooter more is what Miculek does.

Look at his index finger on Hand B. Look how high his grip is too.


It is what I do.

I am really, really good.

I keep studying. That is a big reason why I am so good.


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