Bloody revolutions don’t work! How many damn times do I have to tell you that?!

The American Revolution failed ultimately. I proved that to you multiple times.

The founders killed hundreds if not thousands of tyrants.

We are no better off now than before.

It is so ironic that some think of me as the violent one.

I have proven to you that I am not.

I promote self defense.

I know I may appear contradictory at times, especially in Finicum deal.

But I am not really.

See, I know that if I start killing tyrants, I will never be able to stop.

I don’t want to live like that.

It would not be hard to find an army and start whacking tyrants.

It would not help.

War is a last resort and a bloody mess.

I want you to really look at every person you see. They all have people who love them.

We all have people we love.

I don’t start a damn revolution because I can’t control who it would take.

I get mad at many of you all the time.

But I don’t want you dead.

So I don’t start no damn revolution.

Hillary Clinton started revolution in Middle East. Look how many that dumb lady has killed?

And Bush? His damn wars have saved no one and killed millions.

Yet so many of you admire them.

I don’t. I can’t stand them.



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