How do you know Sam Dubose would not have killed someone with his vehicle? You don’t. Did not super cop Ellifritz praise the SOB who jumped into truck cab in France? He did. You want to bust somebody for Dubose’s death? Bust whoever made marijuana illegal. Tensing is not a murderer. He is a fucking moron!

Sam Dubose RIP was not very bright on day he died. He had lots of marijuana in a car he did not own,  no front plate, no driver’s license, nil insurance, open container of alcohol….

The he met a stupid fucking cop.

He tried to flee.

But he could not out run the bullets from the other moron’s gun.

Truth is this whole damned nation is Dumb and Dumber.

More morons want to make it about race.

The whole damn thing boils down to stupidity. Stupid citizens. Stupid cops. Stupid politicians. Stupid prosecutors.


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