Not one of GZ’s better shows. They had that stupid box gizmo of theirs again. It makes white noise and then they try to say it communicates words, in English nonetheless. Why not French? French would be better. Why? Shit is absurd! I give this show a rating of turd. I like GZ generally, turd tonight though.

Look, if you want, listen on SoundCloud.

Here is Clyde’s descriptor of tonight’s show.

Listen if you want.

Clyde is alright but these type of shows are not my cup of tea.

But you might be into this shit. I ain’t. It is a waste of time to me, parlor trick shit.

Wait. I have a box now.

It said, “werbergerfersir.”

It said, “Turd.”

I heard it plain as day, turd.

Did you hear it too?


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