My schedule for week

Mon – work long hours

Tues – off

Wed – work long hours

Thurs – off

Fri, Sat, Sun – work long hours

I should make a fair amount of Z money this week.

I may even spend some.


It is Tuesday at 0135 basically. I am home from Monday shift and on back porch.

Air conditioning orchestra again only one on or I would have more peace.

I hear the industrial roar, and traffic some too.

The wind is steady and light.

Fair amount of moonlight.

Where do you read scary stories?

Or do you?

People say I write scary stories.

You ever see saving private Ryan?

I have not really, only parts.

Anyway, saving the baby would be like that.

I mean if they decide to kill baby again.

Saving Charlie Gard.

Now look, I am dark. It is just how I am.

Vatican apparently has orgies.

I don’t find the thought appealing myself.

Ain’t my thing.


OK now it is 1000 hours basically on Tuesday and I have slept some and am back on back porch drinking coffee and eating bacon
Contemplating my day. I suspect I may buy a gun today. I am not sure yet though.

I noticed one person has joined my ESPN Fantasy Champions league, need 8 more.


Still Tuesday, been pondering and writing on local politics and heroin.

It is 1435 now and I wrote that earlier.

I am also per usual pondering how to get around gun tyranny and praising myself for just being so good at break barrels and single shots. See that is what tyranny Forces one to do.

Oh and knives too. I think a lot about edged weapons. I don’t talk about them often. I contemplate their tactical use often though.

1725 now went out bought CO2 for Airsoft pistol. Looked at action cameras ActiononCX not in stock….

May not buy one anyway. I can make do.

I can figure out way to attach or position iPhone.

May venture out and buy a knife. May order it online though, and perhaps a set of other knives too.

Knives are very underrated and plunging them through steel is quite fun for me.


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