Heavy, part two, the “homework”

I challenge any of you to be able to do what I can do with a 12 plus pound trigger.

If you want to come close, you better study and you better train.

I train hard. I push myself to be the best I can. I accept no excuse from myself.

The shots you see people make are usually with trigger pulls less than half what I do.

What I do is harder and frankly more impressive.

My Airgun training is as good or better than any handgun training devised.

I have reviewed videos from industry legends, and they have nothing on me.

I offer you two reads on subject. You must find what works for you.

I am not in NRA and although I am more than capable, I will probably never train you.

Who trained me? That is the billion dollar question. Until I took over, I could not tell you.




It cracks me up how good I am and how useless it mostly is.

I am as good as there is.

And it is mostly useless.



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