It is basically me against all the tyrants, Me v. T. You think they have a chance?

Seriously, what chance you give them?

I give them a significant chance.

The angles, and intersections….

Firing solutions.




But, there are tactics….


It is not unusual to see people under gunfire anymore.

People are increasingly targeting police. I am not. I just write.

But I was watching a cop at an intersection from a distance.

I asked myself to prepare for possible required geometry etc.

Then I remembered that I am essentially unarmed.

Know who unarmed me? The cop under orders.

So all my fancy geometry meant nothing.

I could not possibly support that cop.

Whose fault is that?

It ain’t mine.


I was asking myself how I could possibly save that cop at that moment.


It might be required. It is an outlier, but in realm of possibility.

Cops are people too.

I work possible “incidents” all the time.

You ever go to a drive through enclosure?

Car in front and in back. Where you gonna go?

Better have a clue where you are.

Truth is there are bad scenarios that should be avoided but often are not or even cannot be avoided.


Shit happens fast.


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