Judge Francis better let Charlie Gard fight. The hearing is ongoing near as I can tell. And I tell you this whole thing is a crock as far as Hospital and English law go. The right of the child is to keep fighting not be snuffed by some evil people.

The hospital started all this shit by condemning that child.

Well actually the legislators did. But hospital is the prime mover in the pending murder of Charlie Gard.

You know I would drop them were they stand. If that were my child, and they did these monstrous things and killed it, I would kill them all. The judge, the doctors and everyone involved, I would drop them.

Anyone who tried to stop me too, I would drop.

You don’t let the law, doctors government or anyone kill your child without paying for it with their own lives.

I am so fortunate it ain’t me.

Because I know what I say is true.


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