OODA San Ysidro, Do it Better This Time

I forget time stamp, but relatively soon in a responding cop on scene wants more information on what is going on inside. Don’t we all? Know who wants to get it from? The caller inside.

No such luck though, pipe dream.

OODA says you must already have guns with eyes inside. 👀

But cops took all citizens guns.

They swear they didn’t. They did.

To have a gun, you must be cop or criminal.

And citizens?

They get shot.

Let me spell it out for you.

In both San Ysidro and Pulse you have “highly trained cops” and the best equipment, on the OUTSIDE.

And they don’t want to rush in.

So meantime, the people on the INSIDE have the most pertinent information and NOTHING to use to strike.

So, they get shot.

They don’t need you SWAT guys lurking outside all tactically planning.

What they need is guns of their own.

Period. End of story.

OODA complete.

Cops are getting people killed by breaking the law.


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