San Ysidro Massacre, July 18, 1984

21 people were died and 19 were injured by gunfire.

The response was inadequate, substantially so and on many levels.

It lasted 77 long minutes.

One would think that lessons have been learned. One would be wrong.

The Pulse incident lasted over three hours.

I know of at least one trainer who will tell you a reason why.

He will tell you police want to go home after their shift.

Now, what I will tell you and most won’t is this, people need guns all the time. They don’t need permission slips.

See, the cops don’t want to rush in and they usually won’t.

I can’t say I blame them really.

Would you want to?

So, suppose you are already unfortunate and there unarmed.

The truth you need to know is no one is coming to save you anytime soon.

And cops won’t let you have a gun.

Why you thank them so much is beyond me.

They get you killed.

Cops will tell you most of deaths occurred quickly after incident started, each case.

They are lying.

Y’all really, really need to forget any notion of police protecting you.

It is not true.

They often times cannot even protect themselves.

I know one officer who responded at San Ysidro had suspect lined up but didn’t take shot because he was afraid of receiving return fire.

The officer wanted to make it home.

So did the people in the Mc.

If you listen to audio you will know that cops can see suspect moving around in McDonalds. They will later say they could not. They could.

What you will also know is SWAT commander was not responding, and it took him at least 1/2 hour to arrive. He did not give green light to snipers until much later than he should have.

It should have happened straight away.

The cops messed up big time and then they lied about it.

Cop to dispatch, “Have someone get that channel 10 helicopter out of here.”

It is 26 minutes in, SWAT has still not even arrived. No cop has attempted to approach, and the SWAT commander still has yet to learn it is even happening.

At 27 minutes and 20 seconds in SWAT arrives minus their commander.

They had a command post set up relatively soon but no one really had taken Incident command.

In fact SWAT was told to go to command post at around 28 m 27 s in.

They were called off Incident scene!


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