OO(DA) (that smell) (the smell that’s around you)

Thirty three years ago today….

It stinks that it happened. It stinks even more not much if anything has been learned generally from it.

There are lots of examples of what has not been learned. But I am most likely the only one highlighting most of them.

For example, the best person to stop a perp is a highly motivated person with a gun, or similarly effective option.

Yet people are still denied guns.

Oh it is claimed that CHLs are a right and prove that we all still have our gun rights.

But rights are free. So paying for something means it is not a right you have.

The audio tape will show you what happens to people without guns.

The cops have guns but lack the motivation to use them for fear they might get their ass shot off.

Same thing at Pulse, only cops were almost three times less motivated.

Now I guarantee you someone with a gun inside would have fired it at the perp each time.


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