Unfortunately, Dorner is still out there somewhere. He was in Dallas, and Baton Rouge. He was in Georgia. He was in California, clean cut white dudes. Now there are bad cops too. There are bad people. What ya gonna do?

I guarantee you two things about this video, one Dorner knew cop car was there. Two he knew he would attack it.

And cops should have seen it coming.

What they apparently failed to understand is that they were prey.

The Riverside cops had four seconds to save themselves from death and injury.

They missed their opportunity.

I can’t guarantee they would have survived the encounter. I could have quite possibly improved their chances.

Concepts include threat ID. Evasion. Pursuit. Security. Situational Awareness. Use of defensive force. More.

At core here though is threat ID.

One must ID a threat to counter it.


I will post video of incident again. If you watch it closely, you will see about four second maybe five second window to counter Dorner’s attack.

It was life or death.

It can be at anytime.

And actually four seconds is a long time.


Like it or not, we live in a combat zone, especially cops.

So you better recognize.

One thing everyone can do is move.

The simple act of moving that police car in a tactical and deliberate manner may have saved those cops.

They had plenty of time. They MISSED IT THOUGH.

If somebody is motivated to kill your ass and has demonstrated thusly, you better watch everything that moves and be ready to move too.

It is what it is.


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