Cars are death traps for cops. You need to train them regarding this fact. You need to give them tactics about moving, shooting and communicating in them. They are not ready for what is out there.

And they need purpose built patrol cars. You can build more survivable cars pretty easy.

I have been telling you for a while now.

You don’t listen.

One easy thing you can do is tell cops to not remain stopped at lights, and if they must to leave room to move out. And remind them that danger is 360 and 3 D.

If a person for example runs a red light and they are there, they should take note.

That is what Dorner did. If someone is brazen enough to run a red light with a cop present that is a red flag.

That was an easy one.

They are usually more subtle.

Keep those cars moving as much as possible officers.

And literally look up down and all around.


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