Move, Shoot and Communicate

Above is the vehicle in which two officers were ambushed by Christopher Dorner. The officers’ vehicle was stopped at a red light and one vehicle was directly to the left of said vehicle.

Christopher Dorner was at opposing stop light. He ran that light and went through intersection and got into a suitable position to fire upon police vehicle from behind.

Dorner, moved, and he shot. His communication was imparted by his movement and his shooting, forms of non-verbal communication.

The officers did not move, or shoot and did not therefore communicate effectively with Dorner.

See even if you say nothing, or stand still, you are communicating.

And if you move, and shoot and communicate, you better do it well.

When Dorner crossed that intersection, he was communicating to those officers merely by moving his truck.

They missed the message.

When he fired at them, he made his point evident to officers.

It was too late for them then.

Move, shoot and communicate all sound so simple.

Shit is complex.

Don’t miss the messages.


It can be deadly.


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