I am measuring my activity. I did take a car mirror in face around 22 hours ago. I have a few aches in back and neck. But for now, I still feel OK. I have not taken any pain pills yet today. I did take two Ibuprofen before going to bed last night, which technically is today. You know what I mean though.

Tomorrow I have to contact insurance company and most likely find an attorney.

This accident is mostly on the drunk lady, obviously and the cop for not putting any warnings up at all and not illuminating that car!

Tomorrow I will also work more on my car. I pulled fender out some today. The fender plastic in wheel well was contacting tire. But I have stopped that.

Once I get mirror more securely attached or replaced and install a new signal light and “red tape” my car will be ready to go again.

I was able to drive it home, and today she did fine on a limited road test.

I just mostly have to beat these citations. Nobody could have seen that car there!


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