I was in an accident at work tonight. It was total bad luck, as far as it happening. I was only one hurt, not bad really. I was hit in face by driver side mirror. I may have a scar. But mostly I am just pissed it happened. I was supposed to be off. But because someone did not work their shift I was expected to cover. The accident happened 1 plus hours after I was scheduled off. I was cited but I am going to fight it. It was total series of freak things that conspired against me. My car is easily fixed and other than bull shit luck, I am OK. I am way pissed but I will get over it….

Car mirror hit me directly in face.

The police officer assumed incorrectly that I hit steering wheel. I didn’t. The mirror flew into my face. The officer should have put flares down at a minimum. This was not my fault. And I was not speeding. I took a mirror in face. I wasn’t speeding….

A drunk had ran their car into my path. The cop didn’t put flares
down or in anyway warn of car in lane. It is dark there, no lights.

I never even saw the car. It was in my lane. And I saw police lights lit on other side of street. I was not driving reckless. I slowed down and I wasn’t speeding to begin with.

If I was I would be dead.

That mirror hit me dead on in face. I saw it coming. I saw it hit me.

You think I am skin on a chassis?


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