I am too skinny for a 44 Magnum.

The “easiest” to shoot is 22LR.

The bigger one gets, the harder it gets.

You ain’t getting any younger….

A gun can and will beat you up.

22s are the kindest. They mean too though.

Those hold drills will help. But you have to do them right.

Strength helps one shoot, if you use it correctly.

Every shot is an exercise.

You see “forces” going down in caliber…. The above is why.

Big guns are more difficult for a myriad of reasons.

I am going to put a video in here from FPS Russia. He will be shooting top of the line 44 Magnum and 500 Smith and Wesson. Watch the recoil. These are “full” size guns. Anything smaller would recoil more. And as if what you shall see is not enough.

To me, these guns are not practical. They are quite dangerous in wrong hands too.

And they are loud.

I don’t even mess with them myself.

22, (), 25, 32, 380, (), 9mm, (), (), ()

() = something missing

My gun OCD is kicking in. I am trying to fight it back.

I said I probably would not buy a 40 Smith and Wesson or 45 ACP.

Well I probably will eventually. Plus 357/38 Special, and 22 Magnum.

With right purchase I can get 357/38 Special covered with one gun.

I ain’t messing with 44 Magnum. I ain’t crazy. And anything with a 5 as first number has to be a rifle.

I am too skinny for them there guns.

For Manchester

The first video is the secret no video made in 1985.

The second video is the first video made in 1984.

The 1985 video was in part filmed in Manchester.

The Alameda



Do you know the way to San Jose?

Off Grand or Central one can find a, The Alameda too.

Baltimore has this, The Alameda.


Are you Papa? or Jimmy?