The FBI raided Paul Manafort’s home and muzzled Manafort and his wife.

That means this: they do not recognize their right to live and are more than willing to destroy them.

That is what pointing a gun at someone means. This is especially true for the person(s) initiating this particular action.


The Federal Bureau of Intimidation (FBI) and their minions are on the prowl. Be ready.

I no longer accept the FBI as a legitimate entity.

Any local or state police, Sheriffs who work with them, are also not recognized authorities.

This is a crucial time for this nation.

Our lives and liberty are literally at stake.

Fascists are running rampant.

I am watching judges too obviously.

When I have time, I will try to find which FISA judge issued the no knock warrant for FBI to raid Manafort.

That is right, secret court and secret police just like Nazi Germany or USSR.

Work 0945-2000 today and tomorrow. So, odds are few blog posts unless I write like mad after work. I will be watching as much as possible the acts of Robert Mueller. He is a dirty Clinton SOB. I suggest y’all do the same. And be ready for FBI performing fascist acts, like murder, robbery and extortion.

Hey you Finicum murderers, and Paul Manafort muzzlers, you better stop pointing guns at and shooting Americans.

Because if you don’t, eventually one of your targets is going to rip the whole bureau a new asshole.

The people who murdered Finicum have recently conducted a no knock raid of a POTUS campaign manager in a witch hunt with no basis at all in fact. While it is known that former adminstration actually did hack state elections. The NSA does it constantly.

They held the man and his wife at gunpoint and even searched the wife’s person.

It is clearly fascist intimidation.

And the man? And the woman? And this nation?!

What does Hannity have to say?

“I hope law enforcement doesn’t get hurt.”

Stuff you can do with Airsoft at home as an adult

Hold on and I will show you. It probably ain’t what you expect. Just remember, Airsoft only at home.

You still need eye and perhaps ear protection too honestly air guns are pretty loud over time.

I choose this fellow because of several reasons. I choose this video because it identifies an essential skill set. You can and should work on this with Airsoft, especially beginners.


It is about the skill, not the drill.

You CAN learn to control recoil with proper technique every time with Airsoft.

This video is paramount. Many Airsoft guns slides don’t operate but that does not really matter that much. It is the proper grip that matters most.

And remember to lean in as instructed in other video on subject, provide correct mass.

About a month ago or so, I saw a video where a shooting instructor discussed the benefits of practicing hitting small targets. His targets were bigger than what I use and he took “forever.” I thought about posting his video. But I didn’t want to possibly hurt his feelings. Which is actually too bad. He needs to speed it up more than a tad.

(Evaluating a shooter be it an instructor or student must be honest and accurate. It can’t crush them though. We must have tact.

We must create shooters who are competent and confident in what they can do Performance wise consistently and also what they can’t.

What they can’t do, they (should?) strive to learn; or they should learn to plan around their deficiencies.)

We all must do these things!

The Dude meant well. He did. But folks get guidance on gunfights from people who truly understand the level of skill required and the true nature of gunfights.

If you have adequate cover, you may be able to go his speed. Even then maybe not. There are lots of things that could make situation require both speed and accuracy.

If you can go slower, that is usually good. But if you must go faster and cannot, that is way bad.


Note on Over-Training:

Over training is a tool for making improvement to essential skills.  It can be counter productive and is not recommended for new students.

It has several concepts, methods of conduct that it employs.

My bottle cap drills are over training. That level of precision and speed combo are quite likely, nothing is 100 percent sure, never going to be required. So it is over training.

If the over-training induces bad habits, it is counter productive. This is usually on an individual basis. But if training logic is flawed, then it should not be implemented at all.

What this means in part is that as of now I cannot currently do that shot everytime at “speed.”

I can do it most every time, but not EVERY time.

Know your limits.

Do not exceed your limits.


Proceed with caution. Speed is often dangerous in itself, precision too for that matter.
Don’t ever forget it is always better not to have to even touch a dang gun.

It was frustrating see. I wanted to transition to second bottle cap. But both times, I couldn’t. It happened more than twice. I was and am not happy about that. I need more cushion.

Yes. It is impressive to hit a bottle cap from low ready with a DAO trigger of 12 pounds.

But it is more impressive to then hit another.

But my first shot kept ricocheting and knocking down second bottle cap. One shot. Two caps. No second shot required.

But see that drill is two rounds, two shots.