Back to cops missing 70 to 80 percent of times, show them this and develop training based on these principles. He tells you in this video why most people miss. This is the biggest reason cops miss.

He is in error about one thing. He says you can’t miss at X distance (short). Yes you can, and if you do most of time the reason is as detailed here.

Cops are trained wrong. Just like Leatham says, precision shooting and rapid fire are different animals.

Now I am not 100 in agreement with Leatham. But since I know you are more apt to listen to him….

If you train his way, you will improve.

You need to train for both though, precision and speed.

Did you know that according to FBI, police miss 70 to 80 percent of their shots during a gunfight? Did you also know that these people are considered experts by professors? What expert do you know that misses at least 70 percent of time? Now I have studied most of your studies. You are going about it all wrong. For example, Force Science, your whole study is flawed because you deemed police experts. They ain’t. Why ain’t they experts? They are trained piss poorly overall.


My uncle Chuck was a Charlie.

My mom says I am like him.

She ought to know.

I for the record am not like anybody.

I wonder about Charlie.

Hello Charles.

Uncle Chuck, if Charlie comes soon, or eventually, take good care of him.

Say hello to Everyone for me too.

I will see you someday.

This whole U.K., Charlie Gard thing has me quite troubled. I am so mad at a whole nation, continent essentially. I really don’t know how to process it.

It has my mind a mess! It is so repugnant to me.

Nothing should shock me anymore.

The world is a horrible place. I know this.

Yet ¬†Charlie’s and his parents’ stories are so horrible and sad.

I am not kidding when I say I am removing English artists from FB.

I know not of one who tried to return Charlie to his parents’ custody.

I have never liked U.K. Government, ever.

But now, I find myself questioning all of UK.

What kind of society does this?!

And people, morons here in my nation want this socialized medicine shit.

I can’t fucking stand them either.