I am going to visit my clients shortly. I can’t stay too long, have to work later and have some chores too. But making time.

Unfortunately, my former boss still has not found a new staff person for my slot.

That is such a shame too.

The staff there are special, special people. And they work real hard.

My boss wants me to return. I still am not allowed.

When the time comes that I am allowed, and it shall, I still may not return as an employee.

I will at least volunteer to help.

I really am not sure if I will return as an employee.

But when I am allowed to work with clients again, I will at least volunteer.

And God, we all know I am replaceable, so please get them some help.

The ladies need more outings and they really can only get one a week now.

They just don’t have enough staff!

And the staff are worn out!

It Aint me who is suffering. It is them.

I can’t go back to help. So get someone who belongs there, there.


Critiquing myself for day

I was not perfect.

That is not news.

I saw a cap with a logo on it. I felt I should know it but I was not sure what it was. I was thinking gun.

It was Browning. Dude shoots clays.

Browning I tend to associate with pistols. But I don’t own a Browning anything, just Browning influenced.

And I have shot shotguns but I don’t own any. If I ever do, probably Mossberg or Stevens.

But I can’t say for sure.

And I was a tad grouchy at end of shift. But I was not out of line.

I did pretty good and people were chill.

As for Z money, it was best day ever. But you know what?

People give me the Z money.

That speaks well of them.

I worked until 0100 this morning, hour over scheduled shift. I go back at 1030 until 2000. I won’t likely work over today. May get off a tad early, it depends. YALL have a good day. I most likely will.

I tied my third most Z money for a shift. Day before I worked only three hours but made outstanding Z money per hour, probably my highest yet.

Today could be HUGE. It depends.

Once I recoup my Z money expended on my Nissan, and a bit more, I will be buying some kind of new or new to me gun. Probably.

I may wait.

Probably next week I will start a new investment in stocks as I said I would.

My car insurance renews in a few days but I got that money mostly set aside already.

My bank card arrived finally so I can easily set up an account for stocks now.

Most likely tonight I revisit some research….

I was going to use $100.00 on my initial investment for blog related posts. But I may reduce it to $50.00 to start now.

I will Jack it up later.



My blog is so sophisticated.

If we still have freight trains in 25 years, and one leaves the depot at merely a top speed of 50 mph, what went wrong?

If the sun is hot, why am I cold in 50 degrees?

What are Spring colors? Do they bounce?

Is it really possible to trek the entire world? I mean really.

Can I get my gills back? Would I want them?

Bull Sharks can kiss my ass, River swimming sobs. And pirrhana too. Bastards.