Oh this is America. This is exciting.

Ya. I just arrived. I am so excited.

I came from Eurobuick, Ontario, Canada.

My name is Francois Englay Bond.

I am here on a work visa.

I am gonna have to learn to swear.

H E double hockey sticks.

Is it always so hot here? Danga.

Since I ain’t originally from Canada, I don’t really know what Canadiens say.

Do you?

I didn’t know what time it was. So when I got off boat, I went to Times Square.

A Chicago song was playing.

Someone was singing Italian songs. I guess.


Glenn Beck, I have reconsidered the Derringer. I change my mind. I remove my critique of the platform.

(If you purchase a Derringer, train for it. It is unlike most weapons and the manipulations I have seen done wrong by many an “experienced” gun handler, particularly in area of muzzle discipline….)

I criticize all the time. I critique my critiques.

After I did this time, I realized I was way too short sighted on you and this The Derringer.

It does have a role.

Problem is too though as I briefly indicated above, there is essentially no proper and adequate training for these platforms.

There are bridges to other areas though that can be built upon….

The heavy triggers are a
Bridge from DAO revolvers. The sights are similar.

The grip is a bridge I have yet to fully explore but it I shall.

The reloading is similar to my break barrel firearms but not quite same. The proper muzzle management must be devised and adhered to.

I can develop all I need.



Did you see how they bring the boom?

Rockets are known to knock you on your ass.

I am a Rocket. I have knocked plenty of people on their ass.

There was no Internet in 1984 when this was printed. Somebody pointed it out to me. I got a kick out of it. My hits are some of my most cherished memories. We always prided ourselves on punishing whoever got in our way.

Watch these Rockets hit! Now the Warriors hit too.

These are relatively small towns especially Rock Falls.

But the hits? Big Time.


A lot of times people think I am from New York. I don’t know why really. I really don’t. I ain’t.

I ain’t from Chicago either.

I am from what they call Little Chicago.

To me, it was merely home.

I was born to a Kentuckian in Ohio.

Little Chicago is not meant as a positive….

It was rough at times.

But mostly good people and times.

Never heard of these bands. I imagine the bar is probably one near river past high school.

Wayne’s World? He was Aurora right?

Well in Rock Falls, there was Uncle Wayne….

They tell me they don’t play this game anymore in football. If true, that is a shame.

Folks this was the most heated rivalry. Watch these players compete!


It is Thanksgiving.