Uniform? Shoot on sight

I saw one today, one of the US soldiers who would be willing to shoot Americans. He was in uniform.

Who shot, Chris Kyle?

Who? A mechanic soldier claiming to be an infantrymen, claiming to have PTSD. He had PTSD from turning a wrench? Nope. It was a setup, a murder for hire.

Our government wanted Chris Kyle dead. He was too dangerous to them….

You know what this means right? There is no uniformity in the uniform.

We used to be one nation. We are not now.

The estimates I hear are that around 40 to 50 percent of soldiers are committed to disobeying shoot on sight orders….

That leaves a large percentage who will follow that order.

I never thought I would see the day when I would have to consider shooting one of our own soldiers.

I hope that day never comes, but it appears it is getting closer….

Our military is divided, just like our nation….

I am not in the military, and I don’t take their orders.

There are those in the military who are planning to take over…. They have soldiers who will follow their orders without question.

I imagine my words are controversial. It changes nothing though. We have soldiers who would gun us down…. You can deny it.

People denied Hitler was evil too, turns out he was…. He and his soldiers killed millions of Germans….

Soldiers, regardless of your stand, your uniform doesn’t mean the same thing anymore….

If I were you, I would get out, and I sure as hell wouldn’t join, or re-enlist….

America, you are going South…. In this article you will see a soldier who I would have no problem putting a bullet right between his eyes…. No problem.


This story is bunk. This “soldier” never saw combat. He was a mechanic. The media is telling lies, again. Again….


I hope Texas fries this bastard. Fries him….