Tweep Poet Tactical: Rs by Tom Givens, the start, Realize, a fifth R

Research, another R, but anyway, study Tom Givens four Rs. Officer Reston’s incident was a Robbery.

Respect, Rape and Road Rage are the usual start of violence.

Realize this and all Related, another R.

Realize that all of the Rs listed by Givens are violence. The question is answered. The factor now is level of violence present and required in Response.

The Perp stole jeans. Reston pursued knowing this. He pursued for jeans.

Perp for whatever reason saw this as worth killing over. His Response. See it is a Grave mistake to assume there will not be a violent Response from a Robber.

His Response was to shoot Reston in the face. And when Reston fell perp pumped in more 45 ACPs into Reston’s chest….


Why did Reston live? And the Robber die? Now this analysis must be made  of sub-analysis of numerous aspects of an incident that determine survival.

Tools is one…. Reston had a 40 Smith and Wesson. Perp a 45 ACP.

Where were impacts? What effect? So much more….

Body Armor: Realistic Analysis. Reston took hits to legs. Those could have been lethal. Response. Medical response by officers first…. Requires training and equipment. Reston took hit to face. Possible increased coverage?

So much more….

Reston was using standard protocol attempting to bring Perp to his body and then ground. He was shot in head then. This needs to be analyzed! Reston got “lucky.” He did and he didn’t…. That tactic and what exactly he did must be assessed.

Also Response should have been both officer’s engagement!

Equipment: Billy Club, Baton would probably been useful. I don’t like the bring Perp to your body tactic.

Strike hands and legs or head if required. It is an acceptable escalation many times and may have helped a lot here.


Training with ADDIE

The Return

The Return


The baton is a very useful self defense tool. Too often it is illegal for  civilians to carry. It would stop a lot of trouble.



Tweep Poet Tactical: Off Hand, I Don’t Like the Descriptor and I Know Why

Here is the phrase, the idiom, defined.

Off-hand means without preparation. People say that they don’t know the answer off-hand, meaning that they don’t know it at that time.

I know that it is not what firearms instructors intend. I know. But lots of people do not. And it conveys the exact opposite of what we want to convey.

I mean we always say do EVERYTHING RIGHT EVERY TIME.

Then we say off hand. What usually follows the idiom? IDK.

But even more than that, it also connotates that it is acceptable to be “off” with a hand. We need to be precise with every shot. We need to be fast. We need to be discerning. We need to be all the stuff we always discuss in using firearms as self defense tools.

I made a video, and I had gun in my “off” hand. I thought I need to get better manipulating this gun. Then I thought well gun was in my off hand. And also it was upside down. And then I thought, bull shit excuses. I need to get better with, both hands.

This is a third problem I have with phrase. The trigger hand may also have manipulations to learn and practice….

Grip etc….

So… I say hand A and Hand B. Now, practice accordingly. Speak

Having said all this, most people will probably always be better with hand A. But what if hand A cant be used? B better be able to get the job done.

Song for this briefing:

Tweep Poet Tactical: In the beginning

“Oh Gosh. You scared me” may not be a sufficient response.

There are no real concrete predictions of how shit will start. If you see it coming, it may be better to get out. It may not. It requires forethought and a lot of training to make survival decisions.

But what if you don’t see it coming? What if there is a sudden start?

You know how when someone surprises you by appearing seemingly out of nowhere? Do you get a certain rush of adrenalin? Do you freeze? Do you have involuntary movements?

Now if that person is someone docile you are fine.

But what if they surprise you with a gun? A knife? Or any other weapon? Or a punch? Kick?


Well this is the beginning of the rest of your life, or the end.

What choice should you make?

Go read, Claude Werner.

Tweep Poet Tactical: everyday reality and habits

Did you look at your schedule? Did you set aside time for a criminally violent act? Probably not. I didn’t. Several or more people did.

Avoidance is best so be alert. Avoidance is not always possible.

Most days most will be fine.

A day can end in mere seconds though, permanently.

It probably won’t happen. It might.

At least have pepper spray people. Maybe two, backups are good especially if that is all you got.

Tweep Poet Tactical: Gun Free Zones

I don’t see many people talking about how to defend your life in a gun free zone.

The best way is not to go to them. I hear people say all the time how they don’t ever go to them.

Well, that is all well and good. However, sometimes we must go to them like it or not.

I have to take my clients to gun free zones sometimes. I have to work in a gun free zone.

Some people’s answer to this is to ignore the laws stating we cannot have a gun, and have one anyway.

That is up to you.

If you don’t have a gun, you better have some sort of way to defend yourself.

One of the biggest things is your mentality.

You may not be able to run. Even if you can, it may not be the best option.

So you better be able to fight.

More than that, you better be able to hurt someone real bad, possibly even kill them.

How you going to do that?

You must learn how to use everyday objects as weapons, and also learn hand to hand combat….